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AKA Double Portion

Jason Hall Sr. A.K.A. Double Portion is a minister/artist that believes and teaches that God is one, and reveals Himself in 3 distinct yet inseparable persons. Jason believes that mankind is separated from God, and that reconciliation can only be possible by trusting in the work that Jesus Christ did on the cross.

A devoted husband and loving father, Jason answered God’s call in March 2009.  After spending much of his early life indulging in sin’s pleasure, he has dedicated his life to making Christ known.  Shortly after surviving a vicious car accident Double P knew something had to change.  His experience of being trapped by these vices has given him a heart that cries for this generation and any other that is lost.  An ordained minister at Prophetic Kingdom Ministries under the leadership of Pastor Jermaine Johnson, DP is very active in his church and community.  He realizes that preaching is the call, but that God has blessed him with a talent to help further expand the reach of the call.  Because of this he makes no apology for saturating his lyrics with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Like everything else, DP believes that the nature of man is depraved and Satan has used that nature to pollute the culture of the music genres that influence our youth.  It is his endeavor to establish the nature and holiness of Christ to reach the masses and to teach over beats that the man of God may be perfect thoroughly furnished unto all good works (2 Timothy 3:17).

In 2011 DP signed with Don-T records and in 2012 his debut album “My Journey” was released.  The album is currently available on I-Tunes,, and CD Baby.



 Scrybe, Issiah, MO
    Holy Heat Vol. 1
                Apr 12, 2009

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                        Double Portion, Don-T, Donte' Johnson,
Tramaine Duffie

My Journey


Don-T, Donte' Johnson,
Issiah Haynes

She Got It Covered

Don-T, Issiah Haynes, Donte' Johnson,
Mission Oriented, Scrybe

Holy Heat Vol. 1

Don-T, Donte' Johnson, Scrybe,
Issiah Haynes, Robin

Walk With Christ

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